The Judas Token

The start of Meme Fi, where memes generate yield.

We're changing the way the world thinks about memes

The token is a nod to Judas Iscariot, the gentleman best known for betraying Jesus. But the only thing $JUDAS is about to betray now is the norm.

Be ready for memes and games.

Our first game is live


Contract Address:


666 million tokens

Tokens fully circulating

LP time locked and contract renounced

No Taxes

For the first game

How it works

50% of platform fees go to Judas stakers

50% goes to meme coin stakers

For eg. Pepe stakers will earn 50% of fees accrued from the Pepe pool. Judas stakers will earn 50% of fees from all pools.

First 6 tokens accepted


At the end of the first week, the token with the lowest volume is at risk of being betrayed.

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